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Alrich Used Clothing Company. Sell Used Clothing

If you wonder where I can sell Used Clothing by weight in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Sevilla wholesale, in Alrich we are wholesalers of used clothing and we give you the solution: We buy second-hand clothes from individuals, companies, shops in clearance, destocking In season, NGOs that sell what they donate second-hand clothes, Schools, Neighborhood Communities, collectors of used clothing or Associations with used clothing containers.

Second-hand branded clothing

At Alrich Wholesale of Used Clothing, we collect and buy used clothing at home from 300 kilos. We buy and sell used clothing by weight, footwear and shoes and party dresses and brands, wedding dresses, large size second-hand party dresses, second-hand brand clothing, accessories, signature bags and brands, such as Carolina Herrera bags , Louis Vuitton, Bimba and Lola. If you are looking for shops that buy second-hand clothes in Madrid, Alrich Used Clothing Company has the solution.

By selling second-hand clothes for kilos in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Seville, you are doing a favor to the environment and earned extra money.

How much is the kilo of used clothes paid?
Alrich used clothing company by kilos, values ​​and pays second hand clothes at the moment and in cash.

We only buy used clothing from individuals, Associations, NGOs, sale of stocks by closure, neighborhood communities. We do not buy used clothing from illegal containers, which is very damaged and old. If you have large volumes of used clothing we buy at home.

Alrich buys and sells second-hand clothes in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. If you are a store, market or to export or import to your country and want to buy used clothes and second-hand clothes as new, we offer you the best second-hand clothes in Spain, you will not find used clothes of better quality, we only buy and sell Clothing Used Extra Cream or Premium AAA brand and signature.

We offer total confidence and tranquility, with satisfaction guarantee when selling or buying used clothes

If you are a second-hand clothing store, a store that closes and is in liquidation, an NGO or parish that donates clothes, a neighborhood association, a school, with containers, an entrepreneur who wants to try the clothing business of second hand etc.

Do you want to sell or buy used clothes, please contact us, tell us how we can help you and we will try to give you a solution:

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    Alrich empresa mayorista de ropa usada por kilos