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Alrich Wholesaler of used clothing brands and firms and new clothes Outlets

Alrich Second-hand Clothing Wholesaler Madrid, London and Geneva second-hand clothes per kilos, is the only used clothing company that offers Satisfaction Guarantee.

You only buy the used clothes for your store or business of extra cream quality, We offer all the clothes in transparent plastic bags or bales for you to verify the quality.

We also have 40-foot Unused Clothing Containers from Switzerland.

We distribute in Spain New Clothes of British Outlets, with minimum orders of 100 kg.

We have 10 years of experience in the sector, WE HAVE THE BEST USED CLOTHES OF BRANDS AND SIGNATURES OF SPAIN. And we ship second-hand clothes to South America, Arica, Europe and Asia.

If you are looking for a serious and reliable supplier of wholesale second-hand clothes in Madrid, and New clothes of stock and Outlet liquidations in Alrich Hispanic-Latin company we believe in long-term business, and in relationships «win to win «.

We have several qualities of clothes used per kilos.

Dresses, party dresses, wedding dresses, skirts, jerseys, tajes, pants, jeans, jackets, jackets, raincoats, coats, ski clothing, clothing and sneakers, wholesale shoes and party shoes, signature bags Second-hand, second-hand fur coats.

We have original Swiss Used Clothing, unclassified and we sell 40 foot Containers of unclassified Used Clothing from Switzerland. Check Prices!

We have used Spanish classified clothing wholesale winter and summer, men, women and children, shoes, bags, accessories. Everything you may need in a second-hand clothing store.

All the used clothes that we see give weight, are of commercially known brands, we do not buy or sell Chinese or poor quality clothing.

We have 10 years of experience in the purchase of wholesale of second-hand branded clothing and purchase of stocks, store and outlet sales.

All our used brand clothing comes directly from purchases that Alrich used clothing company acquires from individuals who sell unused clothing, Neighborhood communities, NGOs, store liquidations, Outlets, without more intermediaries, we offer only used clothing to classified by the best brands and firms of excellent quality and as new.

We have second-hand clothes, which our staff carefully selects and catalogs garment per garment, so that our customers only buy quality second-hand clothes with satisfaction guarantee.

We pack the clothes in bales or transparent plastic bags to keep the clothes in perfect condition.

Used winter clothes are packed in 25 kilos bales and used summer clothes in 30 kilos bales.

All used clothing is packaged in transparent bags, so that the customer always sees and verifies that second-hand clothing is of quality.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any clarification.